Cross-Platform Reputation for Contractors & Employees

Increased Trust with Clients through Bitwage Badges

Team Wages

Payment-Verified Profile

Sharable profile with verified payment reputation. Port reputation from freelance marketplaces and directly from clients. Easily customize information on display.

Contractor/Freelancer Listings

Set your profile to public to be easily searchable on our contractor/freelancer listings page.

On-Platform Messaging

Companies can contact you directly through your M.E. profile. Reduce spam messages.


Sign Up to My Employer (and save on 1% local currency output fees for 1 year)


Faster Payments. Amazingly low fees and exchange rates. No bank account required.


Share Your Payment-Verified Bitwage M.E. Profile To Acquire New Clients

Earn Reputation From Your Payments

Your Payments Act Like A Verified Resume. Port Reputation From Freelance Marketplaces And Directly From Clients

Acquire New International Clients

Data from your payments help new international clients trust you. More important than your university or past employment is how much others believe you are worth.

Improve Your Website, Resume, And Other Materials

Once you are Bitwage Verified, you can leverage the Bitwage Verified icon to improve the trustworthiness of additional sales and marketing materials.